Kyrie Eleison

This hamster nun has quite a back story, as told through the stained glass windows on the left side of the border. Kyrie Eleison or Lord Have Mercy shows the plight of many medieval women. This hamster turns down a wealthy suitor’s marriage proposal and is then threatened by her mother for doing so. What the nature of that threat is is up to your interpretation. Clearly she didn’t threaten her with sending her to a convent because the little hamster runs off in the night to join one on her own.

A wide eyed hamster sits on top of a kabocha squash
The story of how a hamster refused a marriage proposal and became a nun, as told through stained glass

What is happening in the central image? I think she’s praying, but she also looks cold. Is she accepting the giant kabocha squash or rejecting it? What does it represent for her: abundance or excess? Different things make different people (and rodents) happy. Some of us dream of riches and some of us dream of a simpler, more spiritual life. What then is abundance? Too often we define it as material luxury. This hamster is asking you to take a step back and really think about what would make your life feel abundant. It may not be what you think. Nonetheless, You are Worthy!

The lamb of God sits in a red and yellow striped stained glass window surrounded by squash blossoms

Now is the time to be thankful for the abundance you do have, even if you still feel lacking in many ways. What would make you happy aside from money? Is there any way you can get that without having to pay for it? Is it something money can’t even buy?


A hamster nun looks happy beneath a stained glass window of the holy spirit descending

I am personally thankful for my rich (and somewhat wacky) spiritual life and my big imagination. They seem to work together, often making me question my priorities when I’m terrified of not being able to pay my bills in the next month. Somehow I keep hanging on, and I know that being terrified doesn’t help, even though it makes my brain think it’s doing something helpful. When I can dive deeply into my spirituality and live richly through my imagination magic just seems to happen. I’m happier, more confident, think more clearly, and am more creative about my problems.


Feel free to comment about what makes you happy and gets you through hard times. And here’s a recipe for kabocha squash congee. I accidentally made a squash and quinoa congee with lots of ginger last week and was pleasantly surprised! Give it a whirl.


Happy Thanksgiving!

A hamster stands praying on top of a kabocha squash. The medieval style illuminated border tells her story of escaping to a nunnery

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