She Climbs to Freedom

Libertatum Nituntur or She Climbs to Freedom is the second piece in the You are Worthy series. A prairie dog flees with a pumpkin on her head, leaving the prairies behind to see what lies on the other side of the rocks.

A prairie dog climbs over the rocks with a pumpkin on her head


Clearly some fervent prayer has preceded this event. The prairie dog angels have heard and are advising the little lady on timing as well as providing her with the sustenance she will need for the journey. Patiently she waits until the moon is full to undertake her escape. By then the pumpkin has ripened on the vine.

A medieval prairie dog lady prays fervently as a green pumpkin promises to ripen


Where is she going? Is this scene more about what she is escaping from or running toward? I would love to hear your stories about this image. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:


  • She is escaping an abusive prairie dog relationship

  • She is running towards her children whom she hasn’t seen in a long time, and bringing them a gift

  • She senses an earthquake and is getting out of dodge

  • She is bringing an offering for the prairie dog gods seen in a vision, telling her of their temple just over the rocks

  • She is escaping a prairie dog dictatorship for a land of greater opportunity


The phases of the moon

Maybe it’s a combination of several of these concepts. Feel free to include your take on the story in the comments. By the way, this drawing has sold! Greeting cards will be available of the central image soon, and prints will be created of the whole piece.

A prairie dog angel sends pumpkin vines toward the one he watches over

I will be having a virtual art show to display all of the pieces in the You are Worthy series on November 24! My studio will also be open by appointment if you would like to see the whole body of work in person. Feel free to contact Juliana at to make an appointment or to discuss purchasing a piece. I accept installment plans, and you will receive your artwork as soon as the show has finished its “run.”


Ah, the special pleasures of holding an art show during a pandemic. This could be a hard holiday season for your local artists, so support them generously!

A prairie dog angel announces Libertatum Nituntur from his trumpet


And, because you are worthy, here is a recipe for pumpkin chili. This cook shares my first name, so I had to include it. Stay warm!

A prairie dog escapes with a pumpkin on her head over the rocks. The border is illuminated in medieval style

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