To Victory!

Ad Victoriam or To Victory features chinchillas jousting and wearing ermine. They meet in the middle over a carnival squash, their dewy eyes not yet betraying their mutual need to own this colorful food source.

Two dewy eyed chinchillas claim a carnival squash as their own

Something happened to escalate the struggle and now they joust as well-heeled chinchilla ladies watch on tenterhooks. I didn’t intend to make this political, but I couldn’t resist depicting one horse in red and the other in blue.

The chinchillas joust: Milan vs Florence!

Actually, one crest is for Florence and one is for Milan, but finishing this so soon after the election made me feel like reappropriating.

The chinchilla ladies worry, shaking in their ermine robes

I would love to hear your stories of the chinchilla joust. Feel free to comment here or contact me if you have some ideas of your own. In the meantime enjoy this recipe for stuffed carnival squash.

These chinchilla ladies seem confident their side will emerge from the joust victorious
Two chinchillas claim a carnival squash and joust for it as the lovely chinchilla ladies in their ermine lined robes watch

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