Victorious Mouse!

squash vines climb upwards

Mus Vicit or Victorious Mouse is the first piece in the You are Worthy series. If you have ever tried to cut an acorn squash you will know the struggle. I remember cooking dinner drunk once, and leaving the knife in the squash overnight in frustration. Whoever pulled it out the next day probably deserves a kingdom, except I know it was my ex-boyfriend. But I digress.

A gray mouse pulls a sword from an acorn squash

The peasant mice know that the chosen one has come to liberate them. He looks up at the heralding trumpets in the sky as the vision of the crown descends from heaven. Camelot awaits.

Clearly this mouse is one of the poorest of the poor, not even able to afford a tunic or cap, but all signs point to his worthiness. He will remove the sword from the squash, preferably after he splits it and shares the spoils with his kin. A new era of peace, equality, and prosperity awaits the mouse folk because this guy believed in himself enough to try the hard thing.

Peasant mice look up proudly at their new king

And here’s a recipe for stuffed acorn squash:

Trumpets herald the descending crown

In my own variation I use quinoa and whatever leftover vegetables, nuts, dried fruits, and herbs I have lying around. Top with cheese and melt for that extra yummy touch. You are worthy!

A mouse stands victorious as he pulls a sword from an acorn squash. The border is illuminated in medieval style.

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