Bird Art for Brain Cancer Research

Following the passing of my mother from brain lymphoma, I will be donating a percentage of the proceeds from every bird themed piece of art to the American Brain Tumor Association. In this blog post, I want to share some of that story, and my mother's influence on my artistic method and subject matter.

A backwards clock with Roman numeralsI remember the night the doctors told us they thought my mom had brain cancer. My brother told me what he thought the prognosis was from his experience with friends, and I burst into tears. He said that he expected her to have no more than three months to live. There on the ground I saw a watch and picked it up. It had a logo for the Pittsburgh Steelers and was broken. What a succinct message! Brain cancer had stolen any time we had left with our mother. This is why I launched this site: to keep brain cancer research funded because there is so much doctors don’t know and it kills so quickly.

A drawing of a brown bunny        

Mama spent her last weeks confused, not knowing where she was or who was around her most of the time, thinking she was upside down and falling through a rabbit hole into another world. In this regard she wasn’t exactly wrong. Alice in Wonderland held a special connection for her her whole life because of her unique spiritual beliefs, and the stigma she felt from society when she was overly vocal about them.

Mama sits on an ornate chair in an ornate house

Nonetheless, there were certain spiritual truths she was vocal about through her poetry and art, but always cryptic. She left behind a vast collection of work and a large library of magical books, which has rekindled my interest in all things esoteric and occult. I owe a large debt to my mother because it was under her tutelage that I developed my interest in rather unorthodox spiritualities, though it was my own strange experiences that gave me my personal blend of beliefs and methods of centering myself and aligning with my own truths. I want to use this blog to talk more about these methods in a hope that you will feel inspired as well. 

A pink bubble of love holds two golden trees within, but their entwined roots and branches extend beyondThere is a third reason for this site. We are living in a unique time, not wholly unprecedented, but unique nonetheless, if for no other reason than that we have nearly unlimited access to information and to constant heartbreaking news from around the globe. I want to address as many of these issues as possible, but in a different way. It’s all too easy to doomscroll through social media and fall into a pit of despair thinking any and all action is not enough and is therefore pointless. Therefore I want to spotlight a different cause every month that needs help, attention, and funding. For these causes I will donate a percentage of the proceeds from my non-bird art. Change happens through the spirit of optimism and hope, and it usually happens in small chunks from the accumulated actions of millions of people. We may each be one person, but together we are a mighty army.







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  • this is so touching, thank you for sharing your experience. I am happy that you’ve made a nice nest for your mom in your heart where she can chirp. :)

    Jessica Holguin

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